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Cassava starch production equipment

October 27 2016 , Written by cassava processing machine Published on #cassava machine, #cassava processing machine, #argricultural equipment

Cassava starch production equipment
 The whole is comprised of four major sections: Washing & Crushing Sections, Screening Sections, Concentrating Sections and Drying Sections.
Fresh cassava roots are washed to free foreign matters and peeled mechanically. Then they are fed into raspers along with water for pulping, followed by filtration to separate starch so released during pulping. The residue is finely ground in plate mills to release residual starch from the pulp. It is then filtered in a multistage fibre washing system to recover starch from the pulp. The stream containing starch is put through centrifugal separators or the tabling system to eliminate fine fibre from starch. The starch is filtered/centrifuged and finally the starch cake is dried in a flash dryer, packed and then marketed. The pulp is dewaterd in a screen press, dried in a flash dryer and sold for animal feed

cassava processing plant


If you have any questions about the cassava starch making machine , you can visit:www.cassavaprocessingplant.com

Director:Ms Elina

 Phone:+86 155 155 38695

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