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Cassava chips machine

December 12 2016 , Written by cassava processing machine Published on #cassava machine

Cassava chips machine introduction:

a. Cassava peeling machine:  Production of cassava chips starts with the peeling of the cassava. Peeling can be done mechanically or manually. Mechanical peelers peel as much as 2,400 –2,500Kg per hour with a wastage rate of 30-40% while manual peeling does 22Kg per man hour and wastage of 20-25%.
b. Cassava washing machine: The peeled tubers are thoroughly washed to remove all dirt and sand that may adhere to them.
c. Cassava chipping machine: The washed tubers are carted to the chipping machines where they are chipped into small chips of about 1-2 centimetre thickness and 6-7 cm long. The sizes at times depend on the prescription of the order.
d. Cassava chips drying machine: The wet chips are taken to the Rotary Dryer where they are dried to 12-14% moisture content.
e. Packing machine: they are then weighed and bagged in 50kg polypropylene bags and stored.
cassava chips machine

Now,if you are interested in our new cassava chips machine,and want to get more info about the market of cassava in Nigeria.Weclome to contact us,we will give you help.

If you have any questions about the cassava chips machine , you can visit:

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