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Cassava chips processing machine

December 30 2016 , Written by cassava processing machine Published on #cassava machine

Cassava chips processing machine

Cassava chips  are also called Tapioca chips . Cassava chip is a product derived from cassava roots. Processing of cassava into chips can be done manually or mechanically,  But as we know, manual production simply means quantity will be lesser. The cassava chips processaing machine has high efficiency  in processing cassava chips from fresh cassava .
Cassava chips processing machine included cassava peeling machine and cassava chipping machine.

Cassava peeling machine is mainly used to remove the soil,dust and brown skin of fresh cassava roots, then the cassava chipping machine will slice the cassava roots into pieces.The thickness of chips can be adjustable according to customers' requirement.

The cassava chips processing machine  productivity can up to 3-8 tons/h. The cassava chips processing machine is specialized designed for big cassava roots for industrial use for making cassava dried chips.


cassava chips machine

The wet cassava chips will be dry by  natural drying by sunshine drying or dry by  Artificial Dryers dried to required moisture content.

If you have any questions about the cassava chips processing machine, you can visit:www.cassavaprocessingplant.com


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