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How to make cassava chips by machine ?

December 30 2016 , Written by cassava processing machine Published on #cassava machine

How to make cassava chips by machine ?
The present method of processing chips is very simple, consisting in mechanically slicing the cassava roots and then sun drying the slices. The recovery rate of chips from roots is about 20-30 percent. However, the products are considered inferior in quality by some quality-conscious feedstuff manufacturers, although many others consider them satisfactory.
Preparation of the cassava roots in cassava chips making machine
When the cassava roots are not sorted, peeled and washed, the cassava chips are usually brown in colour and have a high content of fibre sand and foreign objects as well as hydrocyanic acid. Trimming, peeling and washing the roots in a similar manner as for the processing of cassava flour are recommended in order to produce white chips of superior quality.
Slicing of the cassava roots  in cassava chips making
The cassava roots are shredded in a special machine. The machine consists of a rotating notched cutting disk or knife blades mounted on a steel frame equipped with a hopper . The cassava roots are cut into thin slices and pieces as they pass through the machine.
Drying of cassava chips  in cassava chips making
 cassava chips amchine

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