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Cassava chips production line

January 9 2017 , Written by cassava processing machine Published on #cassava processing machine

Complete cassava chips production line
The cassava chips production line always follows the same pattern and more or less shows a high degree of mechanization. Slight deviations from this lead to chips with varying quality features reflecting the regional demand and flavour preferences. The possible variations on the standard processes here, will be dispensed with at this point.

a. Cassava peeling:  Production of cassava chips starts with the peeling of the cassava. Peeling can be done mechanically or manually.
b. Cassava washing: The peeled tubers are thoroughly washed to remove all dirt and sand that may adhere to them. Export requirements insist that sand content should not be more than 2%.
c. Cassava chipping: The washed tubers are carted to the chipping machines where they are chipped into small chips of about 1-2 centimetre thickness and 6-7 cm long. The sizes at times depend on the prescription of the order.
d. Cassava chips drying: The wet chips are taken to the Rotary Dryer where they are dried to 12-14% moisture content.

e. Packing: they are then weighed and bagged in 50kg polypropylene bags and stored.

cassava chips processing machine

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