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Stainless steel industrial starch flash dryer

January 4 2017 , Written by cassava processing machine Published on #starch processing machine

Industrial starch flash dryer description:  
The Industrial starch flash dryer designed and manufactured by SIDA company is not only suitable for all kinds of tubers starch drying, but also for corn starch and wheat starch drying. It is also suitable for drying of other heat sensitive powder or flake materials that need fast drying.
The process configuration and technical parameter of the whole process is strictly controlled according to the scientific theory which ensures the high quality of the final product. The Industrial starch flash dryer is made with high grade stainless steel and fine workmanship, is a good choice for customers.
 starch processing machine
Industrial starch flash dryer Advantages:      
1. Specially designed drying pipe can reduce the equipment height as much as possible while ensuring high drying efficiency .
2. Equipped with heat recycling device to increase heat efficiency.
3. Equipped with automatic moisture adjusting device for final products, to ensure stable and accurate moisture after drying.
4. Equipped with product cooling system to ensure product quality.
5. Easy for install and maintenance.

If you have any questions about the starch flash dryer , you can visit:www.cassavaprocessingplant.com         www.cassavaprocessingmachine.com
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TEL:+86 155 155 38695
Email: sales@doingmachinery.com

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